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The main challenge for companies today is to protect their information assets. The explosion of digital exchanges and the interconnection of systems lead to an increased exposure of companies to cybercrime. The consequences of a failure or an attack can be disastrous for an organization. It is a question of image and reputation and of vital financial consequences for a structure.

This upheaval commits all organizations to anticipate and reinforce the protection of their information system. Security strategies must now be adapted to these challenges through organizational, legal and technical measures. 

SIGMA Partners supports its clients in their IT projects and in the management of cybersecurity risks. 

Our Expertise

We work with our clients in the fields of consulting, auditing, and training on the security of your information system.

Our know-how combines business and technical expertise and allows us to offer targeted solutions to all cybersecurity issues.

We are committed to providing our clients with a practical approach that considers the specificities of your business, your industry and the criticality of your information system.

Our team applies recognized and established standards (ISO 2700x, EBIOS, ANSSI, ...) in all projects.

Our Services

SIGMA Partners offers a wide range of services dedicated to information systems management and cybersecurity :


  • IT Strategy
  • Tech Business Management
  • Cybersecurity training
  • Web application security training
  • Cybersecurity skills assessment
  • Cybersecurity coaching
  • IS monitoring system
  • Internal IT control
  • Assistance and outsourcing of the CISO function


  • Penetration / Phishing tests
  • Architecture audit
  • Configuration audit
  • Organizational audit
  • Code assessment

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