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Intervention levels

SIGMA Partners has in its DNA the sharing of knowledge, support and transmission.

We see training as a learning experience, promoting the technical development of skills as well as the professional behavior and posture of employees.

In 2021, we created SIGMA Académie, a training organization for professionals, in order to cover our training offer in all of our areas of expertise.

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Our training courses can deal with a specific subject requiring our skills and expertise, but they can also accompany our clients in leading change or a broader transformation program.

  • A wide range of training courses

We can intervene at all stages of program development, from preparation to delivery of training courses, in all our areas of expertise.

We are also able to develop specific training programs for each sector of activity: banks, asset management, public sector...
  • Expert training

Our training courses are led by professional trainers, experts in their fields of expertise and recognized for their technical mastery and operational experience of the subjects taught.

  • Customized training

Our training courses are tailor-made to meet the objectives of our clients and the needs of their employees.

All our training courses are adapted to the local context and culture, as well as to the regulations and laws in force at our clients' sites.

  • An interactive and "business" oriented animation

We favor practical and interactive training, mixing theory and practice through exercises, quizzes, role-playing, drills or even videos.

  • Value-added content and materials

We pay particular attention to the quality of the training materials, their self-supporting ability and the satisfaction of the participants (hot and cold evaluations).

Our training courses can be the subject of an evaluation of the acquired knowledge, of the delivery of a certificate, of a satisfaction survey, of a summary report on the training program and/or of a restitution meeting with the General Management or the Training Department.

Our long experience in education for companies and universities allows us to respond to all types of needs in our areas of expertise by offering the best content and teaching tools.


We offer individual coaching to operational managers, particularly in the context of taking up a new position or increasing their skills.

We particularly provide support in real, concrete and operational situations, which allows us to work on :

  • Technical skills

We can accompany managers in the learning of their function and attributions.

Our knowledge of the field makes us credible and guarantees the success of our coaching and support missions.

  • Behavioral qualities (posture)

We work particularly with our clients on :

1. Adaptation to situations (analysis of the environment and feedback of the impact on the environment)

2. Motivation (project, vision)

3. Personality in situations (autonomy, self-confidence, relational and collaborative skills, team leadership, ascendancy, conflict management, etc.)

4. Communication (listening, ease, mode of expression, formulation, strength of conviction...)

5. Organization (problem solving, priority management, delegation, decision making)

The coaching we provide is an operational coaching that allows the manager to better master his/her function within the company but also to better know himself/herself to face situations more efficiently and to improve the quality of the collaboration with his team.