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The recent Covid-19 crisis has plunged all companies into an unprecedented situation. While some were prepared, others had to adapt very quickly to new working methods imposed by the health situation and the rules set by the state. In many cases, the plans that companies had developed in recent years have proven to be inadequate, ineffective and too rigid.

The more global challenge for any business is to acquire tools that are flexible enough to deal with unforeseen situations. To improve the risk and crisis culture, training for everyone to better manage crisis situations and a collective approach to risk management are essential prerequisites.

The increase and diversification of exogenous risks requires rethinking the principles of business continuity and crisis management in order to better integrate them into the day-to-day functioning of companies and in the behavior of employees in the face of risks.

Our Expertise

Our certified risk managers are expert of with business continuity and crisis management techniques and have solid risk management culture. Our know-how is based on their operational experience acquired in various business sectors and in geographic areas with major risks.

Our support in the design and implementation of your business continuity and crisis systems provides a global and transversal understanding of the risk issue. By placing people, support and transmission at the heart of our approaches, we place risk culture as a central element of the business continuity and crisis management system.

Our Services

SIGMA Partners offers to support you in all stages of creating or improving your business continuity and crisis management systems. Our services are tailor-made as close as possible to your issues :

  • Planning of emergency situations (Business continuity, Internal Organizational Plan Specific Safety Plan, Communal Safeguard Plan, ...)
  • Development of the entire documentary framework (from the policy document to the tool sheets while respecting the planning life cycle)
  • Crisis procedure writing
  • Carrying out a crisis exercise
  • Crisis communication
  • Training on all crisis and business continuity systems
  • Tests and diagnosis
  • Audit & security review

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