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Key Stakes

The Finance function occupies a central place within a company. Increased operational efficiency, the ability to steer in the face of uncertainty, regulatory and tax compliance and the optimal use of new technologies are now all part of its daily stakes.

However, it is still very busy by collecting and aggregating data from ERP systems, payment processes, business intelligence and other sources. In addition to the structured data it must process, there is a lot of unstructured data that weighs on its ability to generate real-time analysis.

Thanks to the opportunities offered by new technologies to produce and use financial and extra-financial data more quickly and intelligently, the Finance function is at the heart of the transformation of the company and is becoming a major player.

Our Expertise

SIGMA Partners supports the transformation of finance departments to enable them to become more efficient, more agile and generate competitive advantages while meeting new regulatory challenges (tax transparency, accounting standards, tax reforms, electronic invoicing, etc.).

Our consultants leverage their knowledge of organizations, processes and Finance IS to help the Finance function strengthen its capacity to create value and build its digital strategy around :

  • The implementation of accounting and tax reforms which reinforce the need to acquire tools to meet new obligations;
  • Simplification, efficiency and management by data;
  • An increase in added value and real-time availability of dashboards and internal and external reports;
  • More "forward-looking, rapidity, transversality and more coordination with partners from other departments.

Our Services

Our experts support the Financial Departments of companies in all sectors on their compliance and transformation projects :

  • Redesign of the operating model
  • Finance IT blueprint
  • Process optimization
  • Implementation of tools
  • Digitization of the Finance function
  • Tax transparency (FATCA, CRS, DAC6)
  • Regulatory compliance (electronic invoicing, tax reforms, etc.)
  • Internal and external reporting
  • Performance management

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