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Intervention levels

We offer consulting services in many areas: governance, organization, project management, transformation, change management, process redesign or optimization, operational performance, risk management, crisis management, redesign of internal control systems, regulatory compliance, deployment of IT solutions and data management.

We can intervene from the design phase of the target to the operational implementation and the support of the teams in the transformation. Our operational experience and our ability to transmit and lead change make us a privileged partner capable of accompanying projects from start to finish and ensuring a lasting anchoring of the transformations carried out.

In particular, we support the structuring and management of major business, regulatory and digital transformations for our clients. Indeed, the constant evolution of their environment places companies in front of an imperative need to transform by mobilizing more innovation, more agility and more collaboration.

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What are the key factors for a successful transformation ?

Our approach is based on the three essential factors of a successful transformation :

  • A human-centered approach
  • The use of new technologies as a means of accompanying and enabling change, sometimes in a disruptive way (qualitative leap)
  • Innovation and focus on customers

Our objective is to enable our clients to transform themselves and create long-term value for their employees, their companies and society as a whole.

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What levers to mobilize ?

In order to meet this objective, our teams bring together their activities and expertise around 3 pillars :

1/ A "CHANGE" pillar, focused on transformation, change management, target operating model, project management, operational performance, finance, support functions and risk management

2/ A "TECHNOLOGY" pillar, grouping together skills in information systems, digital and new technologies, data, analytics and cybersecurity

3/ A "PEOPLE" pillar dedicated to ESG, management, team support and manager coaching

We believe that our role is to help our clients connect innovation, transformation and management.

Our coaching is based on the values of the firm :

  • Building Trust
  • Listening
  • Maintaining a team spirit
  • Promoting entrepreneurship

Considering that the best change is the one that comes from within the company, we propose to use facilitation to allow teams to develop collaborative modes of operation, to find their own answers to the challenges of the organization thanks to collective intelligence and to enter into a dynamic of continuous improvement and adaptation.




Considérant que le meilleur changement est celui qui vient de l’intérieur de l’entreprise, nous proposons d’utiliser la facilitation pour permettre aux équipes de développer des modes de fonctionnement collaboratifs, de trouver leurs propres réponses aux enjeux de l’organisation grâce à l’intelligence collective et de rentrer dans une dynamique d’amélioration et d’adaptation continues.