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Key Stakes

SIGMA Partners works with you to define the best organization for your structure and anticipate the major impacts of your projects and its major changes on your employees and your activities.

At each of the key stages of implementation, our team accompanies you, according to your needs, on your organizational projects. We can define with you the work plans, the governance, the project schedule and accompany the collaborators in the follow-up of the developments until the realization of the project.

Our Expertise

Our experts in project management intervene at all stages of your projects, from conception to completion.

Our expertise is based on a rigorous methodological organization as well as on a collaborative and participative human management allowing to integrate each actor impacted by a project.

Our personalized approach allows us to establish good practices and training within organizations in order to secure the achievement of objectives but also and especially their sustainability.

Our team of experienced consultants, combining business skills and functional experience, allows us to offer you operational and customized support based on a pragmatic and relevant approach in our interventions.

We also offer personalized support to any director or manager who feels the need for it and we can intervene within the framework of the conception and the implementation of training courses.

Transforming means mobilizing all the internal stakeholders concerned, but also appointing internal change agents to support the transformation process via operational relays.

Training and coaching are essential to give them the means to measure the stakes and to accompany them with kindness on the path of transformation.

Our Services

Depending on the needs in terms of organizational issues, we intervene as much with all the actors of the banking and financial industry as with private companies of all sizes. As such, we can accompany you in the framework of various projects :

  • Framing and organizational diagnostics
  • Business model proposal
  • Reorganization of activities
  • Strategic project management
  • Program management
  • Preparation of convergence and strategic alignments
  • Assistance to the project owner
  • Project Management Office

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