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Key Stakes

Risk management offers companies the possibility of providing an effective response to the risks generated by the very conduct of their activities, thus reinforcing the capacity to create or preserve value.

One of the main challenges lies in determining an acceptable degree of uncertainty in risk-taking in order to optimize value creation, but also in the ability to anticipate new risks generated by technological changes or by exogenous factors (health risks, environmental risks, etc.).

The notion of reasonable insurance reminds us that risk management is a bet on the future. It does not mean that the effectiveness of a risk management system is necessarily limited or insufficient, but that the challenge of risk management is to optimize the resources allocated to it and not to seek zero risk at all costs, thereby leaving room for uncertainty.

Managing risk means trying to achieve objectives that are sometimes difficult to reconcile:

  • Aligning risk appetite with the company's strategy and its growth and profitability objectives
  • Improving decision-making processes in the face of risk
  • Reducing losses and negative impacts generated by risks
  • Detecting and managing new risks that may affect the company at any time
  • Mobilizing all the company's employees around a common vision of the main risks inherent to their activities

Beyond the management of each of the identified risks, the challenge for the company is to set up a risk management system that is both global and transversal in order to guarantee a holistic, coherent and proportionate approach to risk management. If it succeeds in doing so, it will be easier to identify emerging risks and to find appropriate responses that take all parameters into account and guarantee a certain proportionality.


Our Expertise

We have been supporting our clients for many years in the construction and improvement of their risk management system, whether they are "business" risks or "process" (operational) risks.

Our consultants help our clients integrate risk management into their operational, business and strategic processes to enable them to conduct their business while appropriately managing the risks associated with their operations, third parties, data and projects. In constantly changing environments, we help them to identify emerging risks and find appropriate responses to control them.

We don't believe that the "one size fits all" model is the best way to protect long-term performance, agility and innovation. That's why we take the time to understand our clients' businesses, specificities, priorities and culture before building the right team to deliver relevant and pragmatic solutions.

Our Services

In order to act and respond as closely as possible to your needs, we propose an offer organized around the key themes that the Risk Management Function must address in the performance of its missions :

  • Governance and organization of risk management
  • Risk appetite
  • Roll out of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
  • KRI and dashboards
  • Risk mapping
  • Standards and repositories
  • Deployment of GRC tools
  • Training and methodological support

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