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Key Stakes

In a context of cost pressure and increased competition, approaches aimed at operational performance (Lean Management, Six Sigma, Design Thinking...) are particularly relevant to improve the company's performance level.

Born in the industry, they bring equally spectacular results in the service sectors and allow to face an increase in activity or a reorganization without losing quality or competitiveness.

They aim to continuously improve and transform an organization to enable it to reach its best level of performance in terms of safety, quality, costs and deadlines while preserving working conditions.

This improvement objective requires a strong commitment from management, the definition of a clear roadmap, the implementation of appropriate work standards, the monitoring of performance indicators and the mobilization of all stakeholders.

Thanks to these approaches based on process optimization, SIGMA Partners helps companies to be more competitive and efficient by accompanying them in their transformations and in the changes necessary for their growth.

Our Expertise

Our mission is to support companies in their continuous improvement processes to enable them to deploy a sustainable performance culture.

We attach great importance to the human factor: the bet on collective intelligence, the acceptance of the right to make mistakes, the principle of permanent questioning favor the continuous improvement of processes as much as they increase the commitment and motivation of your employees.

The participative dimension of our approach contributes to the improvement of team management, better stress management and the elimination of work overload. Thus, a much more serene atmosphere develops in the search for performance and particularly in the detection and rapid treatment of incidents and malfunctions.

Because what can be evaluated can be more easily improved, we work with you to define performance measurement and monitoring indicators that allow for better management of activities, a reduction in the variation in operational processes and a better quality of customer service.

Committed and certified experts, our consultants carry out high value-added missions and act concretely close to the business realities. They help instill a culture of continuous improvement that allows for constant questioning and a desire for continuous improvement to achieve a culture of performance.

Our consultants have a pragmatic approach aimed at adapting the tools used to the context of the organization and to the specificities of your company's business. Their only objective: zero defects, zero losses, zero inflexibility and zero defects in the processes !

Our Services

Our teams can support you in all your operational performance projects :

  • Performance of organizations
  • Performance diagnosis
  • Management of Performance Program
  • Process optimization and modeling
  • Management of activity and performance indicators
  • Lean, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma et Design Thinking
  • Client experience
  • Training of yellow, green, black et master black belts