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Key Stakes

In an increasingly complex and evolving environment, the governance and management bodies of a company play a decisive role in anticipating future changes, supporting transformations of all kinds and ensuring digital, ecological and even societal transitions of their company.

All these changes have the common objective of responding to new requirements :

  • A more holistic and protean search for value creation and performance
  • A deep need for meaning and sustainability
  • An absolute requirement for transparency, liability and integrity
  • An increasingly strong emphasis on the human element and the value of the collective

Beyond their corporate purpose, brand identity, products/services and communication, companies also define themselves by their “raison d'être”, commitments, values and actions.

Corporate governance and management are in the front line to invent new models that create sustainable value and align the company's objectives with those of its employees, customers and partners.

SIGMA Partners is working alongside its clients to address these new challenges and support the transformation of governance models and the implementation of new management and collaboration schemes.

Our Expertise

Our knowledge of the governance and management challenges allow us to offer a dedicated and global service to executive, boards and managers :

  • Ensuring a global and prospective management of the company
  • Leveraging innovation to transform
  • Rooting the change within the organization
  • Promoting sustainability
  • Fostering resilience and adaptive capacity
  • Reducing risk and protect the created value
  • Instilling a culture of performance and continuous improvement
  • Developing the skills and expertise of the teams
  • Adopting new models of collaboration

We offer dedicated and tailor-made support and follow up with a business-oriented approach to fit our clients’ particularities and situations.

Our Services

Our teams can support you in all projects relating to governance and management :

  • Overhaul of the governance framework
  • Strategic vision
  • Business model and positioning
  • Communication
  • ESG programs
  • EXCO training
  • Collaborative schemes

Our latest assignments